There’s a lot to think about in the aftermath of a significant auto accident. 

Beyond health and wellbeing, you may be considering further action against a reckless driver or someone that caused general pain and suffering during the course of the accident. As you consider your options, you’re going to have to enlist the help of a qualified and knowledgeable personal injury attorney, but how do you know you’re hiring the best one?

As you discuss your case with potential lawyers, be sure to ask these five questions to help guide your decision:

What is the attorney’s daily workload like? 

This will help you get an idea of an attorney’s speciality or ability to professionally handle your specific case. Some attorneys only handle personal injury cases, while others handle a range of disciplines. 

Does the attorney want to try lawsuits in court or does the firm prefer settlements or referrals to other attorneys?

You’ll run into a couple of different attorneys in your hunt: those who want to see through your case from start to finish and those who want to do some initial work, but will then refer your case to another attorney in exchange for a fee. The latter are known as “clearinghouse” lawyers and they tend to work quicker to resolve, which can mean a smaller settlement and sometimes confusion over who is actually representing them.

Does the attorney/firm have the resources to take on my case?

If your personal injury incident involves multiple medical specialties, you’re going to want a firm that can hire experts who can speak to that or have prior expertise in each area. Not every firm has these, so this is an important one to ask.

What is the attorney’s/firm’s track record?

Just because a firm’s advertising is slick doesn’t mean they have the winning record to match. Ask a potential firm or attorney for transparency in their verdicts or settlements to see what their own personal motives and results are.

What are all of the charges involved?

It is so important to ask what the total fee structure looks like. Every firm has a different way of structuring their costs and expenses. If you think your case may have a high value, this is extremely important. 


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