Trucking accidents can be as minor as a fender bender or cause significant injuries, especially if smaller vehicles are involved. If you’ve been involved in an incident due to someone else’s carelessness and negligence, you do have a right to be compensated for all of your injuries (known as “pain and suffering”) and property damage. The aftermath of an incident can be overwhelming, but keeping the following tips in mind will help you protect your rights and potentially optimize your chances to recover damages through legal action.

Documenting the Scene

It goes without saying that if significant injuries occurred at the incident, anyone injured should seek immediate medical attention. Preserving life is priority number one. Once everyone has been deemed safe, you can begin the process of documenting the accident area.

Take Extensive Photographs

Photographing the scene with proper date authentication (which is now standard on most phone cameras) will help establish the facts of the scene and back up your case later on. You’ll want to photograph all damage, all involved vehicles, and any traffic equipment (or lack thereof) that may have contributed to the accident. 

Talk to Witnesses

If any witnesses saw the accident or the aftermath, it’s wise to ask if they’ll provide a statement and get their contact information for future verification. The more independent information you have from third parties, the better chance you have of corroborating your claim. 

Police Involvement 

Once the police are called and arrive on the scene, it adds a layer of formality to the accident. A police report will be one of the key documents that the insurance company and attorneys on both sides will look at and analyze. Oftentimes, the negligent party will attempt to keep the police out of the situation, but if you think you’re the victim, it’s important to have the police involved. Again, it’s crucial to have as much of a formal record of the incident as possible. 


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