Car accidents are stressful enough without having to navigate insurance claims and medical bills alone. Knowing when to hire a lawyer after you’ve had a car accident can be critical in getting the payments and support that you deserve. There are important factors to consider if it is time to consult a lawyer about your car accident.

When Should You Contact a Lawyer?

The sooner you consult a lawyer the better. Over time memories may change or dull making witnesses less helpful. Contacting a lawyer early on can make them available to help you when collecting evidence and statements you may need down the road. A personal injury lawyer can help you document details around medical care and injury you may not have considered.

Once you’ve been in a car accident there is a specific time limit for how long you have to file claims or seek payments. In Arizona, you have two years following an auto accident to consult a lawyer. Waiting may make it harder to provide information on your case so contact a personal injury lawyer early if you think you’ll need them.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Car accidents can be life-changing. Even minor accidents can involve lots of paperwork and take time to resolve. A personal injury lawyer can help you with denied claims from your insurance company or in maximizing your payment for any injuries or damages. 

By contracting a lawyer early they can help you build your claim. Personal injury lawyers can help determine who was at fault in an accident and represent you in court if you are seeking money for injuries or damages. Even with health insurance getting care after a car accident can be expensive. Personal injury lawyers can help you make sure that your medical care is covered following a car accident.

A lawyer can also assist you in negotiating with your insurance for a claim. They can also represent you in negotiating with the other driver’s insurance or pursue a case if the other driver is not insured. Hiring a lawyer that is familiar with auto laws and car insurance claims can help you cut down on the hassle following an accident. 

When Should You Get A Lawyer?

Only you can determine when you need a lawyer, but if you believe you’re entitled to payment for injuries or damages following a car accident a personal injury lawyer can help. Consulting a personal injury lawyer can cut down on the stressful process of navigating courts and insurance claims following a car accident.


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