Nursing home complaints are on the rise across the country. While this is not a definitive list, it outlines five of the most commonly reported issues. It is your right to look out for these issues as you tour a nursing home or place a loved one in a facility’s care throughout the Southwest.

Discrimination Against Medicaid-eligible Residents in Arizona

Since Medicaid residents are typically on a fixed income, nursing homes claim that they lose money on each person who relies on the government program, leading to inferior treatment. The law requires caretakers to treat all nursing home residents equally and compassionately, regardless of how they’re paying to be there.

Lack of Communication About Care Planning

Often, the resident’s family member is making critical care decisions on their behalf. This situation requires regular and consistent communication with nursing home staff while ensuring follow-through with plans. Sometimes, facility staff doesn’t meet goals and expectations, resulting in a breakdown of trust and a serious complaint.

Not Listening to the Resident’s Preferences

If the resident is of sound mind and health and can offer their own care preferences, the law requires caretakers to listen to them. Regardless of what the facility staff thinks is best, a resident’s preferences are primary.

Failing to Provide Essential and Sanitary Services

Especially during the pandemic, the facility must maintain a safe and hygienic standard of living for both staff and residents. If any health violations appear, facility staff must report and rectify them immediately.

Improper Use of Physical Restraints

Some residents suffering from mental or physical degradation may need restraints to provide proper care. There is, of course, an appropriate way of doing this, and if specific safety standards are not followed, the situation can do more harm than good.


In terms of nursing home complaints, these are the tip of the iceberg. As staffing and budgetary concerns continue to be an issue, nursing home complaints are only expected to rise. If you’re not getting your complaints resolved (either for you or on behalf of a loved one), it may be time to enlist the help of a nursing home abuse and neglect law firm like Rabb and Rabb, PLLC. We understand the compassion and care that these cases require while aggressively protecting the rights of those you care about most. Call (520) 888-6740 to learn more.

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