If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Arizona, you can bet that the insurance company of the at-fault party will swiftly analyze the details of the incident in order to settle the case as quickly as possible. They do this to create a settlement that’s typically only in their best interest.

Insurance Company Timeline After an Auto Accident

In Arizona, insurance companies have 40 days to settle a claim after it’s been filed. Additionally, insurance companies operating in Arizona must acknowledge the claim within a certain amount of time and then decide whether to accept it before paying out the final settlement. The below timelines explain this further:

  • 10 working days to acknowledge the claim and send the policyholder instructions and paperwork. This includes proof-of-loss forms, which serve as sworn statements from the policyholder(s) about the extent of the damage or injuries.
  • 15 working days to make a decision on the claim after receiving completed proof-of-loss forms.
  • 15 total days to make the final payment for an approved claim.

Generally speaking, claims involving serious or multiple injuries take longer to settle. Additionally, poor or delayed communication between the driver, insurance company, and insurance adjuster can slow down the process.

What’s Needed to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit Quicker in Arizona Potentially

Personal injury lawsuits, especially significant ones, can take more time to settle, but there are ways to help expedite the process:

  • Taking plenty of photos and writing down details following the incident: having complete and detailed documentation will be crucial to establishing the facts of the case and proving the timeline of events in your favor.
  • Complete information: providing the insurance company with all relevant information from the accident will help inform their decisions quicker.
  • Consistent and timely communication: Of course, you’ll want to discuss any contact with the insurance company through your personal injury attorney, but responding promptly to all communications can help the process move faster.


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