Although vaccination is helping wind down much of the most significant COVID-19 threats, there’s still a risk for those living in Maricopa County assisted living facilities, and it’s clear that the pandemic is going to change the nursing home culture at its core moving forward. 

Last summer, a 25-person task force of “lawmakers, long-term care providers, advocates for older adults and family members” was created to create plans to allow in-person visits at nursing homes once again. However, the rollout of a return to visitation in nursing homes has been rocky and inconsistent. 

Individual Arizona Nursing Home Situations to Consider 

Every nursing home and care center in the county has its own circumstances and needs while putting the needs of its fragile residents first.

The Arizona Capitol Times story outlines how difficult this situation is as in-person socialization is so vital to the health and wellbeing of these older residents who weren’t getting outside much before the pandemic – and may not return to pre-pandemic norms for some time.

What Could Change in Arizona Assisted Living Facilities

This task force takes cues from other states as to what’s working with their elderly communities – and what isn’t. Some of the options include a phased re-opening and easing of physical barriers that have been in place since March. Things are beginning to re-open, although a full opening isn’t expected for some time. 

Above all, cleanliness, health, and safety are going to be more paramount than ever. Assisted living centers of every kind will be under more scrutiny, especially as they navigate returning to some sort of routine normalcy under trying and difficult circumstances.

Here at Rabb & Rabb, PLLC, we’re monitoring new rules and regulations as they come to fruition to understand how they’ll affect those who think their loved one’s care facility isn’t following the most current COVID-19 guidelines as the state begins to re-open. Call us today at (520) 888-6740 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we’ve advocated for the rights of families across Arizona.

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