Elder abuse is a serious matter and one that’s on the rise both in Arizona and around the country. There are seven generally accepted types of elder abuse, and they can happen either on the watch of a singular caregiver or an entire nursing home staff. This post outlines each type in a bit more detail.

Physical Abuse

The intentional use of force against an elderly person that leads to physical harm. This can range from minor physical pain to severe injuries and even death.

Sexual Abuse

This is forced or unwanted sexual conduct of any kind with an elderly adult. This includes any situation where the victim cannot consent to the act.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Actions that inflict mental pain, fear, or distress.


When a caregiver fails to protect an elder from harm or meet his or her needs in a way that reduces the risk of injury, that person could be found neglectful.


A side issue within neglect is often abandonment, where an elderly person is intentionally left alone for an extended period of time.

Financial Abuse

Wealthier senior citizens are often the victim of scrupulous caregivers looking to take advantage of them for personal financial gain. This could range from missing belongings or stolen property to ATM withdrawals taken out without proper consent from the family.


When an elderly person can no longer meet his or her basic needs. The person may also not make arrangements to provide for his or her care. This shows through a lack of nutrition or general personal hygiene.


In terms of elder abuse issues, this is an overview and certainly not an exhaustive list. Elder abuse can happen anywhere, but especially inside the loose monitoring of a nursing home. If you’re not getting your complaints resolved (either for you or on behalf of a loved one), it may be time to enlist the help of a nursing home abuse and neglect law firm like Rabb and Rabb, PLLC. We understand the compassion and care that elder abuse cases require while aggressively protecting the rights of those you care about most. Call (520) 888-6740 to learn more.

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