Finding the right care for our elderly and disabled loved ones can be among the most difficult decisions we make. Although we work to our best intentions to find a great nursing home or care center, neglect and abuse are far too common (one report suggests that Arizona alone sees 2,500 nursing home complaints annually). 

So what should your first steps be if you suspect a nursing home or neglecting your loved one or providing inadequate care?

Where to Report Abuse and Neglect

The Arizona Department of Health Services has an online Complaint Tracker where you can file issues related to long term care facilities, child care centers, group homes, assisted living facilities, behavioral health centers, and more. (It’s worth noting that the state government has an ombudsman that investigates additional claims on behalf of residents as well.)

The Division of Licensing Services (DLS) describes a worthy complaint as related to “quality of life and quality of care, including residents’ rights, abuse, neglect, dietary problems, staffing, and environmental concerns”. From there, a complaint surveyor is assigned and an investigation begins. Although the DLS tries to do a thorough job, it suffers from underfunding and understaffing like many state agencies. At some point, the DLS will complete its investigation and give notice to both the complainant and the facility. 

When It’s Time to Hire A Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Following the state guidelines are important, but there may come a point when you need more help than they can provide. A qualified nursing home abuse attorney can use resources and options the state simply doesn’t have in an effort to seek justice (and potentially compensation) for the victim and his or her family. An attorney will review all of the facts and enlist the help of experts, if needed, to determine if any abuse or neglect actually happened and the severity of these issues. 


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